General Rules Metropolitan Girls League

1 The MGL League shall consist of Divisions at following ages;

one for girls under 10 years on the 1st of January of the season of which the competition finishes
one for girls under 11 years on the 1st of January of the season of which the competition finishes
one for girls under 12 years on the 1st of January of the season of which the competition finishes
one for girls under 13 years on the 1st of January of the season in which the competition finishes
one for girls under 14 years on the 1st of January of the season in which the competition finishes
one for girls under 15 years on the 1st of January of the season in whick the competition finishes
one for girls under 16 years on the 1st of January of the season in which the competition finishes
one for girls under 17 years on the 1st of January of the season in which the competition finishes
ne for girls under 18 years on the 1st of January of the season in which the competition finishes
one for girls under 19 years on the 1st of January of the season in which the competition finishes

2. The top section in the eleven-a-side age group will be called “Premier” Section.

3. Where required some groups may be regionalised North & South.
3A. Clubs may enter a team/s in another Divisional league with the per mission of their own Divisional League. The permission must be sought in the month of May for Winter League or November for Summer League in the previous season.

4. Players must be registered on forms supplied by the League. Each player must sign his name and address and give full particulars as required. Any club or player giving wrong information or incorrectly filling out registration forms shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee.

5. A player shall be eligible to play an official MGL fixture provided her registration form is either
(a) received by the League Registrars and bears the Official League Stamp dated 2 days or more prior to the date of the fixture OR
(b) is posted showing clearly a postmark dated 2 days or more prior to the date of the fixture
(c) is emailed to the league email 2 days prior to the date of fixture
(d) hold a valid MGL Player Passport ID
Proof of the player’s registration is the responsibility of the club.

6. Players may only be registered to play during the official playing season for which the registration form relates. The MGL season 1st September to 31st May of each season.

7. All players must be registered to play in the League. Any team found playing an unregistered player, improperly registered player or an ineligible player will face the loss of the game he was used in plus a further deduction of three points and a fine of 200 euro.

8. A player can play for only one club in the League in any one season except when she has received a transfer from the club last signed for. No player can be registered except when they have received this transfer.
9. Transfer form must be posted separately or emailed and bear the Official League Stamp at the same time as the players is re-registered.

10. The transfer period for all MGL teams up to and including the U18 / U19 age group shall be 1st June to 30th September and a second transfer window between 1st December and 31st January inclusive in the current season

11. Transfer forms must be passed by a special committee unless the transfer form has been agreed by both clubs. All transfer forms must be registered at least two days before the player is eligible to play in any division. A player cannot be transferred more than once without the sanction of the committee and must be re-registered.

12. For players in the U/8,9,10 and 11 grades i.e. playing 5 aside, 7aside and 9aside football, transfers between two teams within the same club will be permitted from 1st December to 31st January inclusive in the current season. Such players cannot be transferred more than once in the current season without the sanction of the Committee and must be re-registered.

12A. If a player’s family moves residence they can apply to the Executive Committee to seek transfer to another club. This rule only applies within the MGL.

13. The transfer of a player from an MGL club to a club from any other league or a player from another league to an MGL club will be permitted between the transfer deadline within the MGL

14. A Player May only play in one MGL Cup Competition in any one Season.
A Player is deemed to be cup tied (to the Team) once her name is shown on a previous MGL named cup match card.

15. In the event of a club or team resigning or being removed from the League, the said players become the property of the League. The Hon. Officers may give permission for the said players to be re-registered for clubs in League – number permitted four. Last date for permission 30th March in the current season.

16. The player’s names including substitutes must be entered in accordance with instructions on Referee’s Card.

17. The Referee’s Card must be filled in before the start of the match by the official in charge of the team who shall certify as to the eligibility of his team. 7 substitutes are permitted in age groups catered for within our league from the agreed panel of players.

18. The signature and date of birth of the player or players concerned must also be supplied on demand at half-time or full-time, not more than 5 signatures and dates of birth to be requested. The signatures and dates of birth of all substitutes or the players they replaced may be requested from the referee at any time. Refusal to accede to such requests will be regarded as an admission of guilt. Signatures must be endorsed by the referee who must abide by the rules of the MGL.
19. A Representative of a club shall be at liberty to examine the registration forms of his opponents of the previous two games for the purpose of making a protest. All irregularities shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee or Elected Committee Members nominated by the Officers. For the purpose of this the Hon. Registrars (or their nominee) shall attend the officees of the League on each Monday and Thursday night be tween the hours of 7.30 and 8.30 o’clock. Alternative arrangements may be made by appointment with the League Registrars. A fee of 10 EURO will be charged for each Inspection.

20. The Exec. Committee may during the season adopt whatever measures they may consider necessary to ensure that the players of the various clubs are within the age as prescribed by rule.

21. In all matters relating to the age of player, it is the responsibility of the club to which the player is registered to provide proof of age and the said proof must be provided within 7 days of being requested.

22. Such proof shall be in the form of an original birth certificate, passport, international identity card or documentation issued by the Dept. of Justice, Equality and Law Reform and acceptable to the League Officers as proof of age. Failure to produce proof of age will deem the player to be in-eligible as per prescribed rule and the player treated as over age.

23. Any team found guilty of playing over-age players shall be removed from the League and fined €200.

23A. Offending player(s) will be fined and/or suspended at the discretion of the Committee.

24. Offending clubs should pay all costs of protest, i.e. search, protest fees, birth certificate fees, registered letter fees, etc. to the club who proves same against them.
24A. All matches, venues and hours of kick-off shall be arranged by the Fixture Secretary.

24B. Clubs shall play home and away matches except otherwise decided by the Honorary Officials.

25. No club or clubs shall have the power to break or postpone a fixture. All matches must be started at the approved hour of kick off. Clubs found guilty without the permission of the League shall be dealt with by the Committee.

26. Each club in the League shall register its colours with the Hon. Secretary. In the event of two clubs playing in similar colours, the home club shall change colours when such clubs meet in competition. Goalkeepers must wear colours that distinguish them from other players.

27. Players sent off are automatically suspended for one game. This being the immediate next game in which the team that they signed for are participating. Walkovers do not count. The players shall stand suspended for cup and league games under our jurisdiction until sentence is served. If a player is red carded or sent off in an SFAI or FAI match the player will serve his suspension in that competition. If a team is no longer in the competition, he will serve his suspension in the next competitive league or cup game. The Disciplinary Committee shall investigate each case on receipt of referee’s report. I f additional action (more than one match suspension) is deemed necessary the club shall be informed and a personal hearing will be convened before the League issues any additional suspension.

28. Suspended players are deemed ineligible and will be dealt with under Rule 7.

28A. Any player who fails to turn up at disciplinary meeting will stand suspendeduntil she is dealt with by the Disciplinary Committee.

29. Protests must be sent in by Registered Letter to the Hon. Secretary of the League within four days (Sundays and Bank Holidays are excepted) of the date of playing the match on which the protest arises, and must be accompanied by a fee of €25 Payable by Club Cheque or postal order only. Exact copy of the protest must be forwarded at the same time, by registered post, to the Secretary of the team protested against at the address held by and published on the MGL website.

30. The Executive Committee shall have power to deal with any offending clubs, players, or officials as they think fit, and to deal with any matter that is not provided for in these rules.

31. In league matches three (3) points shall be awarded for a win and one (1) for a draw. In the event of two or more clubs being equal in points, the clubs shallplayoff to decide the championship. The club scoring the largest amount of points shall be called the Champion Club of the League. Cup Matches shall be decided on the knockout principle unless otherwise decided by the Executive Committee.

32. The Chairman, Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Secretary shall be for all intent and purposes the legal holders of the cups in trust for the League. When the winning clubs have been declared the Committee shall hand the various cups to their representatives.

33. They shall make such provision for the safe return of the cups as they consider necessary. Winners and runner-up trophies will also be presented. All cups must be signed for and insured while in their possession. All trophies must be returned to the League Offices before 30th March. Failure to do so shall result in a fine of 50 Euro per week or part thereof. Clubs in possession of cups shall be notified in writing prior to this deadline to return same.

34. Any objection to size of ball or pitch/markings must be made in writing to match referee prior to commencement of game.

34A. Duration of games are as follows
Under 10, 20 minutes each way,
Under 11 and 12 , 25 minutes each way;
Under 13, 30 minutes each way;
Under 14, 35 minutes each way;
Under 15 and 16, 40 minutes each way;
Under 17 and 18/19, 45 minutes each way.

34B. MGL Games can be played on FAI Certified All Weather Pitches, opposition must receive 48 hours notice of possible switch to allow for footwear requirements where footwear restrictions apply.

35. Football Size’s : u10 /11 320 grams
u12/13 370 grams
u14/15/16 upwards 450 grams
36. Any team giving 2 walk-overs may (unless they give a very satisfactory explanation) be removed from all competitions.

37. When a team does not play and complete more than one third of its fixtures programme then its record in that league shall be expunged.

38. Teams in all “PREMIER” sections of the league up to and including Under 17 age group are only allowed to register 18 players in any one season. Teams in the Under 18 sections are only allowed register 20 players in any one season.

39. Permission may be granted by the executive committee to replace for the following reasons:
Long Term Injury Supported By Medical Evidence From Hospital Attended By the Player.
Transfer To Another Club.
Player leaving club by their own violation which must be supported by written document signed by the player or parents concerned where necessary.

40. When a player becomes a registered player with a club/team in any League it shall be an offence for any official, member of any other team or any other person to approach, encourage or influence that player or his/her parents/guardian on his behalf to:

(i) seek a transfer to another team during playing season (1st Septem ber to May 31st)


(ii) participate in training, coaching or games under the auspices of anoth er team

Such offence(s) shall be deemed “poaching” and any person found culpable shall render herself and /orher club/team liable to a fine and/or suspension and her club/team shall:

be deducted 15 points for a first offence. Any further offence will be dealt with by the Executive Committee

41. Any clubs who engage in this practise will not be given automatic entry into the MGL league. On receiving a complaint from the last club that the player signed for, the Executive shall hold the application until a full enquiry is held into the reason for such a move and decisions are taken.

42. No club is entitled to request or invite a player from another club for training, coaching or playing games either within their Club, Academy or Associated Academy during the official playing season (i.e. 1st September – 31st May).

43. It is recognised that people are appointed by Association Football Clubs to assess players’ potential who might be influenced to sign for such clubs. These people, known as Scouts/Representatives are prohibited from acting as Directors or in the administration of our League. These people must be licensed or act under accreditation from our league.
Agents are ineligible to act in any capacity within our Clubs or League Admini- stration.

The protection and Welfare of Children:
In line with recent legislation and Government Guidelines (The Child Care Act (1991) and the (Protection for Persons Reporting Abuse Act 1998) in relation to child protection and welfare, it is mandatory that the MGL should operate with the FAI recommended Codes of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines.
(See FAI Code of Ethics for Under Age Soccer Players, Coaches, Par ents and Spectators.
Any act, statement, conduct or other matter, which harms a child or children or poses or may pose a risk to a child or children, shall constitute behaviour, which is improper and brings the game into disrepute.
Breaches are a disciplinary offence.

44. The gathering, compilation, retention, storage or use of any information relating to underage players must fully comply with all the requirements of the Data Protection Acts.

45. Each club in membership shall have the right to submit alterations to these rules. Such proposed alterations must be submitted to the Hon. Secretary of the League on or before 31st March in each year and signed for and on behalf of the club proposing such alterations by the Hon. Secretary of the club.

46. League fees for the season to be determined by the Executive Committee of the League at the start of each season. All applications must be submitted on relevant MGL application forms.

47. 50% deposit plus admin fee to be paid by 30th September and the balance paid by 1st December as per Summary Sheet.

48. The Executive Committee shall have the power to deal with any team/club as they think fit whose balance of fees have not been paid by the 1st December in each current season.

49. No member can hold an Executive position within the NDSL/MGL unless he serves a minimum of 2 years working within the organisation. – 2 Club Representatives shall be nominated to sit on the MGL Committee each year.

50. League receipts will be issued for all monetary transactions. Queries relating to payments shall be entertained only on production of such receipts.

51. Any club in membership has the right to appeal to the WFAI or FAI (where applicable) in accordance with the rules of either body against the decision of the League or any of its sub committees.

52. New clubs (that is clubs who were not a registered club in the MGL the previous season or a club that was removed from the MGL or MGL the previous season for disciplinary reasons) wishing to make application must do so by completing a Club Application Form and forwarding it to the MGL Hon. Secretary not later than 30th June of the year the season commences.
The Hon. Secretary shall inform current member clubs in the area where the new club proposes to cater and those clubs may submit a written support or objection to the application. All applications will however be approved or rejected by the MGL Executive Committee.

53. In cup games if a pitch is deemed unplayable for any reason and should cause a postponement, the home team may find an alternative pitch on the day or the fixture will revert to their opponent’s ground when the game is next fixed. Blanket call off by the League does NOT affect the fixture.

54. Clubs who give a walkover shall be dealt with as follows;
All 11-a-side games league or cup: €100 fine and game awarded to opposition.
All 9-a-side games league or cup: €50 fine. Disciplinary Committee to consider if points should be awarded to opposition or game refixed.
All 5 and 7 -a-side games non-competitive league or cup: €50 fine and game refixed where possible.

54a. Home Team MUST communicate with the opposition in relation to each fixture.
55. Club must have two officials at all games.

56. Pitch Size
11-a-side pitch—normal
9-a-side pitch 90 x 50 yards.
7-a-side pitch. 70 x 50 yards
. 5-a-side pitch, 50 x 30 yards

57. Player Substitute – a player may substitute from another team within their own club at the same level above that to which they are registered, i.e. example: An under 14’s Premier player can play only up for an Under 15’s Premier team and cannot play for a 15A team. An Under 14D player can sub up to a 15D or higher but cannot sub down to a 16E team.

57a. Teams may be regraded at the discretion of the Executive Committee

58. All cup competitions take precedence over league games in any one season.

59. All players must have photo ID to play football at the North Dublin Schoolboys/Girls League and it will be known as the N.D.S.L/M.G.L player’s passport. See Rule 5.

60. The manager of the team must produce the Player Passport for all players listed on the match day card to his opposition before the start of each match and must point out the particular player to correspond with the N.D.S.L/M.G.L Players Passport. Late players’ names must be on the referee’s card and must produce their N.D.S.L/M.G.L Players Passport to opposition before they can take to the field of play.

61. Under no circumstances will a player be allowed to play football without an N.D.S.L/M.G.L Player’s Passport.

62. The opposition manager or any MGL/MGL League Secretary may, at half time or full time, request to view the MGL / MGL Player Passport of up to five players should they deem necessary. (See Rule 18)

63. If the manager fails to produce the Team’s MGL Player Passports for any MGL official fixture, the game will be awarded to the opposition without recourse to an appeal.

64. If you are unhappy with an N.D.S.L/M.G.L Players Passport, i.e. Name, Date of Birth, etc. you are entitled to protest against that club or player at any North Dublin Schoolboys/Girls League or Metropolitan Girls League match and you must submit your protest in writing as per rules.

65. If a player transfers from a team to another within the North Dublin Schoolboys/Girls League or another affiliate, the transfer will not be sanctioned unless his / her N.D.S.L/M.G.L Player Passport is returned to the North Dublin Schoolboys /Girls League. If the player transfers within the Metropolitan Girls League they must produce their M.G.L Player Passport along with their transfer request form to the MGL where they will be given a temporary ID with an expiry date until a new one is issued at a cost of €5. Failure to return original ID cards will be dealt with by the Executive Committee.

66. If the N.D.S.L/M.G.L Player’s Passport are stolen or lost they will be immediately replaced to the individual or club at a cost of €5 per Player Passport.

67. The N.D.S.L/M.G.L Player’s Passports will only be accepted within The North Dublin Schoolboys/Girls League/ Metropolitan Girls League and are not valid for any other purpose other than football related.

68. The N.D.S.L/M.G.L Player’s Passport will be the property of The North Dublin Schoolboys/Girls League and they are valid for 2/3 seasons whereby if necessary.

69. Each club must apply for and receive a club licence to play in the MGL. A licence must be applied for every 2 years. New clubs must apply for a licence before they can gain entry to the league.

70. Players will not be registered with the league unless they produce (1) Registration Form and (2) a Photo ID. If both are not completed he/she will be deemed a non-registered player.

· For any MGL Meeting where a vote may be deemed necessary, a Quorum of 25% of fully paid up registered clubs will be required .
· One representative of every fully paid up registered club will be entitled to vote.
· Each Club must have a representative at organised MGL monthly meetings. failure to turn up at any organised MGL Monthly Meetings shall incur a fine of €20.

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